Care Management

The MyHealth First Network Care Management program targets specific populations. Care Managers assist patients with multiple or complex conditions to obtain access to care and services, as well as coordinate their care in order to meet health goals and improve outcomes. Care management is provided to patients who have experienced an event or diagnosis requiring the extensive use of resources and who need help navigating the system to facilitate appropriate delivery of care and services. It is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, and evaluation, as well as advocacy for options and services to meet the comprehensive medical, behavioral health, psychological, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of a patient and the patient’s family, while promoting quality and cost-effective outcomes. Since care management is considered an opt-out program, all eligible patients have the right to participate or decline participation.

The goal of care management is to help identify patients in need of care management services and refer eligible patients to the appropriate programs. Through the care management programs, the patient should regain optimum health or improved functional capability. The care management resource strives to serve as an advocate to the patient, and ensures that the patient receives the appropriate level of care in the appropriate setting. Together, the care management team and the patient will work toward and continually monitor progress against the goals of the plan of care. In addition, the care management staff is focused on continuously improving patient satisfaction and engagement in their care by providing education and patient-centered support. The facility will balance the needs of the patient and family with the efficacious and cost-effective us of resources.

The scope of services provided to the patient includes:

  • Assessment of health status
  • Education on the care management program and their condition
  • Development of a care plan with goals, barriers, and self-management goals
  • Assessment of progress against the care management plans for the patient, treatment plans, and evaluation of adherence
  • Prescribed treatment, interventions or regimens
  • Based on acuity, patients have regular scheduled contact with Care Manager
  • Assistance in navigating and collaborating with health plans, other practitioners, community resources, and vendors regarding treatment plan 

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