MyHealth First Network (MyHFN) is a clinically-integrated network of physicians and healthcare providers who are committed to working together to provide better, more coordinated health care. You, the patient, benefit because the healthcare providers that care for you will be part of a better team. They’ll work together to get you the right care in the right setting at the right time. MyHFN works to provide high quality and cost effective care, while achieving high levels of patient satisfaction.

Over time, if you see a doctor or healthcare provider who participates in MyHFN, you may notice that:

  • You don’t have to fill out as many medical forms that ask for the same information.
  • The healthcare providers that you see all know what’s going on with your health because they communicate with each other.
  • You don’t need to repeat medical tests because your results are shared among your healthcare team.
  • The providers participating in MyHFN will work with you to make sure that care decisions reflect your preferences.

Patient Focus

MyHFN is focused on patient-centeredness and engagement. Patients’ active participation in their care plan has been proven to improve clinical outcomes and is therefore an integral component of the care delivery spectrum at MyHFN.

MyHFN customizes care and communication to individual preferences and values by:

  • Developing a plan of care that is patient-centric and customized to the individual that addresses barriers and gaps in care, as well as cultural differences and psychosocial issues that prevent compliance.
  • Providing health information and support to patients through health education and patient portals to increase patient engagement and involvement in care. All information directed to patients is written at a level of understanding and the language of choice.
  • Deploying educational programs designed to help patients develop knowledge and self-care skills and to foster the motivation and confidence necessary to use those skills to improve health.
  • Making patient portals available for patients to access their care records.
  • Providing appropriate choices to patients concerning treatment options and end of life care through palliative care programs and affiliations with community hospice programs.


Patients will be involved with the care they receive and engaged at both the provider and care management level. Care mangers develop plans for care in collaboration with patients and providers to accomplish better health and outcomes. Interventions are tailored to the patients’ level of risk, and preferences for education, care and treatment are incorporated.

MyHFN will focus on continuously improving the care delivered to patients. MyHFN will be evaluating and monitoring all participants’ care, service and care model implementation. By applying national evidence-based medicine protocols to specific disease diagnoses and care model workflows for transitions of care, MyHFN strives to provide consistent, quality care to its patients.