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* Not a MyHFN Provider, but approved through GHS Health Plan to be a Tier 1 Provider.

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Johnson, Tamara, MD
Regenesis Healthcare - Church

Johnson, William, MD
GHS Hospitalist

Johnson, James, MD
GHS Infectious Disease

Johnson, Laura Anne, MD
GHS Center for Family Medicine

Johnstone, Reid, MD
Allergy Partners of the Upstate - Clemson

Johnstone, Rudolph (Trip), MD
Allergy Partners of the Upstate

Jones, Stephen, MD
Parkside Pediatrics - Verdae

Jones, Preston, MD
Gastroenterology Associates

Jones, Doralyn, DO
MD360 Verdae

Jones, Julie, PsyD
GHS Pediatric Palliative Care (Supportive Care Team)

Jones, Wesley, MD
GHS Oncology & Thoracic Surgery

Jones, Alison, MD
GHS Emergency Medicine

Jones, William Kent, MD
Center for Pediatric Medicine - West

Jones, Doug, MD
Hospital Medicine Specialist of Self Medical Group

Jones, Benjamin, PsyD
GHS Pediatric Hematology/Oncology - Greenville

Jones, Scot, MD
Emergency Care Center Physicians of SRH

Jordan, Caitlin, NP
Liberty Family Care

Jorgensen, Jesse, MD
Carolina Cardiology - Greenville

Jorgensen, Carla, MD
GHS Cancer Institute - Easley

Joseph, Renee, MD
GHS Internal Medicine - Simpsonville

Joseph, Jill, NP
GHS Geriatric Medicine

Joseph, Renju, MD
Carolinas Center for Advanced Management of Pain - Spartanburg

Joseph, Elizabeth, PA
Riverside Family Medicine - Maxwell Pt.

Jue, Sue, MD
GHS Pediatric Infectious Disease - Patewood

Jurs, Dennis, MD
GHS Spartanburg Pediatric Health Center

Kahler, Zachary, MD
GHS Emergency Medicine

Kaiser, Gregg, MD
Retina Consultants of Carolina Anderson

Kania, Kristina, PhD
GHS Dev. Behavioral - Patewood

Kanos, Charles, MD
GHS Cancer Treatment Center MDC

Kao, Neil, MD
Allergic Disease and Asthma Center - E Butler Road

Karel, Daphne, MD
Montgomery Center for Family Medicine SRH

Keiser, Sharon, MD
GHS Maternal-Fetal Specialists - W. Faris

Keller, Kevin, MD
Upstate Plastic Surgery

Keller, Shana, APRN
Emergency Care Center Physicians of SRH

Keller, Tamela, MD
Vida Gynecology

Kellett, Julie, PhD
GHS Dev. Behavioral - Patewood

Kelley, Nicholas, MD
GHS Spartanburg Pediatric Health Center

Kelly, Christopher, PA
GHS Emergency Medicine

Kelly, John, MD
GHS Infectious Disease

Kelly, Desmond, MD
GHS Dev. Behavioral - Patewood

Kennedy, Bonnie Sue, FNP
GHS Pediatrics and Internal Medicine

Kenney, Wade, PA
Steadman Hawkins - Patewood

Kessler, Bonnie, PhD
GHS Psychiatry - Greenville

Keys, Christine, MD
GHS Emergency Medicine

Khawaja, Fariha, MD
GHS Geriatrics - Center Success & Aging

Kidd, Joel, MD
GHS Wound Care - Oconee

Kilburn, Michael, MD
Advanced Spine and Neurosurgical Associates

Kim, Eugene, MD
Greenville Anesthesiology

Kim, John, MD
Greenville Anesthesiology

Kim, Paul, MD
Advanced Cardiology Associates SMG